Experience Singapore

22 Feb 2012

Last December, I had a chance to visit Singapore to join National Leadership Development Conference held by AIESEC Singapore! It was such a very great opportunity for me to be able getting in touch and have friends from all over Asia, Europe, Australia and so on.


Experience to work with people across the world

7f2a1b52dd5d8f0556609e4fef0f7393_379414_196474520440200_143546545732998_415823_1264822214_nbeing in one table with Indonesian Delegates for Gala Dinner (Halal Table)

51d5ce9c6a0c5bbe2720e6ec16dfbc9e_388189_2285663227380_1422884363_31964907_1268198968_nWhat is the key of Living Peacefully in Diversity? Yep, CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING!

That’s why we have GLOBAL VILLAGE where all delegates can understand each other’s culture!

cf93271585b24b19e1ae827434e05c30_388615_10150444427143337_536948336_8521120_1675977267_nSight Seeing!

4bc32842d0137de4a6323f5647cbc26c_img00776-20111213-1318The conference venue was in NUS and sure I have a chance to see what’s around


Last, I went to Sentosa Island for Post-Conference. It felt so good to have fun after tiring yet super fun conference for like 4-5 days. The things that I realized is that how I love traveling. I’ve been travel around in my own country and also some cities like KL, Singapore, Jaipur, Agra and so on. But the key that I always have in my head is that how I have to have value in my every traveling. So that, I will not just traveling, but I do something to fill my empty head :)

How about you? those who love traveling, LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!!! :)




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