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    Experience Singapore

    Last December, I had a chance to visit Singapore to join National Leadership Development Conference held by AIESEC Singapore! It was such a very great opportunity for me to be able getting in touch and have friends from all over Asia, Europe, Australia and so on. Experience to work with people across the world being in one table with Indonesian Delegates for Gala Dinner (Halal Table) What is the key of Living Peacefully in Diversity? Yep, CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING! That’s why we have GLOBAL VILLAGE where all delegates can understand each other’s culture! Sight Seeing! The conference venue was in NUS and sure I have a chance to see what’s around Last, I went to Sentosa Island for Post-Conference. It felt so good to have fun after tiring yet super fun conference for like
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    Beautiful Indonesia...

    Many people said how beautiful Indonesia is, How Indonesia is worth to travel. But, have you prove it guys? I did prove it! Last january I went to Padang, West Sumatera for a week to join National Conference held by AIESEC Indonesia and AIESEC universitas Andalas. I will not tell you guys about great the conference was, but I will spesifically tell you guys about my post-tour after the conference that I experience in Pagang Island. Soooooo damn beautiful!!! On the boat, on my way to Pagang island. I keep trying to upload my picture here, but I don’t know why I couldn’t upload it :s So, for you guys who wants to know mor, go to this link NEC 2012 - Padang :) happy traveling!!
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    Me now.....

    So who me, who’s Herdiani? Well I’m just a student from law Faculty in the 3rd semester in Airlangga University who desperately wished to be a life traveller someday since she’s been falling in love for being traveler… My first world traveling was in India, To see how strong the fort ever built centuries ago, here, lies in Jaipur, Rajashtan, India… To see India from different point of view,to see how beautiful it was the culture and the warm of the people. I just can hardly wait with what I will write here from days to days… Enjoy reading and just don’t forget to do your Salad Days and share it with me ..
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    my 1st week in the Bollywood Country!

    Hi Blogger :D Alhamdulillah akhirnya bisa getting in touch with internet connection! hahaha LOL! Been hoping to write some experience about my exchange di India nih ;) Jadi, pernah denger tentang AIESEC ?! Jadi, dari tanggal 1 Agustus kemaren aku exchange via AIESEC dan kemanaaa?! Ada yang bisa tebak?! It’s INDIA! hahahaha :) Jadi kenapa pilih India?! 1. Karena India nggak jauh beda sama Indonesia. Jadi kalo mau bikin perbedaan sama persamaan lebih mudah. Sama-sama negara berkembangnya. 2. India mempunyai kebudayaan super kental :) dan benar saja, ketika sampai disini, di jaman yang modern ini, perempuan india masih mengenakan sari, kurti dan pakaian khas tradisi india lainnya :0 3. Karena hampir setiap buku travel yang saya baca bilang kalo: Jangan ngaku traveller kalo belum p
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    5 Alternative things to do for your Holiholiholiday Guys ;)

    Yeaaah, It’s been such a looooong time no posting guys. Been missing blog-world! Blogwalking, blogger-friendship, euuuuh I dooooo miss my writing time :( I’m waiting ’till next year, when I finish my study in ITS, I’ll write everything I waaaaaant :D Enough Complaining. Next week, anak kuliahan bakal libur. Yeaaaah liburaaaaaaaaaan \m/ Libur itu berarti waktu tidur yang lebih banyak! Waktu leyeh-leyeh dan leha-leha lebih panjaaaaang dan waktu buat hang-out sama temen lebih banyak. Ohmyy, can’t wait for that :p So guys, sudah ada planning kah buat liburan? Budgetnya berapa nih? Nah, kalo pengen memanfaatkan waktu liburan tapi nggak tau mau ngapain, ikutin cara seruku menikmati liburan SUPER MURAH ALA HERDII :D nyihihhihihihihi. Dijamin asik dan mancaaaaaab.


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